December 2-8, 2016

1. Every dog should have a boy. ❀🐢❀

2. Trampoline in December? Sign me up!!

3. Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball…

4. A small meeting with The President of his fan club! ❀


November 11-17, 2016

1. I don’t even want to know how much of my change has gone into this thing…but The Conductor loves it. And it’s for charity, so it could be worse!

2. Too impatient to wait to go to the table, so he eats standing up at the counter sometimes. Lol

3. Playing in bed with Nana. ❀

4. Helping Mama return library books and movies. 

5. And helping bring in the garbage bin. Such a good helper…when he wants to be!!! 😜

November 4-10, 2016

1. Hanging upside down from Miss T’s shoulders. These two love each other beyond words. She is his teacher in Before and After School program. 

2. Enjoying a walk on a beautiful November day!

3. Nice days mean more outdoor time. Trampoline? Why yes, I think so!

4. And it’s always fun to make Papa push you on the swings!

5. He had to wear purple to school for Miss E, one of his classmates who has pulmonary hypertension. Not only did he wear purple to raise awareness for PH, he also gave a shout out to Autism…and looked super adorable doing it!

6. Sharon and Brahm concert. The Conductor loved it…and Mama remembered all the songs from childhood, too!!!

October 28-November 3, 2016

1.  Mooommmm…the cat won’t leave me alone!

2. He still loves his water table…even when there’s no water in it!

3. My little pirate. Happy Halloween, y’all! 

4. He LOVES looking at pictures, especially if he’s in them! Lol

5. Every morning that I drop him off, he helps me by locking the car. Making it beep has NOTHING to do with it, I’m sure!

October 21-27, 2016

1. Potty time! We aren’t very good at it, but we still try!

2. Stealing Papa’s Doritos. The Kid can hear the bag open at the other end of the house!

3. Surrounded by some members of his fan club in Before and After School program. ❀

4. Pre-bedtime goofiness. I love this kid. 😜😘

5. Morning cartoons in Mommy’s bed. Perfect way to spend a morning. 

October 14-20, 2016

1. Running to meet me after school. Love this face! ❀

2. And he’s always so happy to go to school!

3. Some weird Snapchat fun!

4. Football!!!!

5. He ALWAYS has to press the buttons going in and leaving school. 

6. Football AND hockey?!?? All in the same week?!?! HEAVEN!!! β€πŸˆπŸ’