About Us

My son, K-Bear, was born May 16, 2010. It was the most memorable day of my life. My fiance and I had had a miscarriage previously, so we had been waiting an extra long time to meet our baby.

At first, things were “normal” – a term that I have truly begun to hate. We noticed right away that he only liked to turn his head to the left. Being first-time parents, we didn’t stress out about it too much. K-Bear was a snuggly, loving and easy-going baby…we didn’t have too much to complain about.

When he was a few months old and the problem hadn’t gone away, we spoke to our family doctor, who referred us to a paediatrician for a second opinion. Our paediatrician wasn’t overly concerned, however he did note that K-Bear had low tone. Since that day, we’ve been on a rollercoaster, trying to enjoy our son and not get caught up in the medical concerns.

The other day, I happened upon another blog, written by a disabled man. In one of his posts he talked about “whispered children” and I realized that I was in danger of turning my son into a whispered child. I have been protecting him for his entire life, but in my bid to do so, I may be compounding the problem. Thus, I am creating this blog because I feel like it’s one thing for someone else to treat him like a whispered child, but another thing entirely for his Mama to do it.


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