Auntie Lu has been requesting that I post a couple of Conductor stories. Since we are currently in a waiting room and The Conductor is occupied with his Innotab, I figure now is as good a time as any!

Like any kid his age, The Conductor has very little patience. And he doesn’t understand / care when we tell him to wait. Be patient. It will come. Nope. He would like it now, thank you very much!

This happens a lot when dealing with food. He let’s us know that he’s hungry and then whammo, he would like his food NOW!!! We try to explain about cooking or letting his food cool, but oh no…he won’t wait. Not quietly anyway.

However, when it comes to technology, he is usually quite patient. He know that his game is coming and he waits. We tell him it’s loading. Be patient, child.

So now, we use this for food. Oh Conductor Man, you’re hungry? Well, be patient, it’s loading!

Hey, whatever works, right??!?